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incontinence brands

At BHS Pharmacy we have team members dedicated to providing support solutions to our customers and their care staff with incontinence supply and preventative skin care needs. Incontinence is not a "One Size Fits All" condition so we work with healthcare providers and product manufacturers to offer the best products possible for each individual's needs improving their comfort and quality of life.

Trusted Brands of Incontinence Products and Assistance with Product Sizing

Incontinence is not a "One Size Fits All" condition, therefor we have researched and provide a wide variety of brands so that we can offer the best possible fit and protection. We work with patients and their care staff, providing knowledge about product types and sending samples so that they can find the best fit and absorbency for their need. Ensuring a correct fit and product type is an important step in reducing usage and products.

Delivery and Insurance Billing

Shipping is available at no additional charge throughout Oregon and Washington. Supplies are delivered to the patient's door from same day for local deliveries to 1-2 business days for out of area locations. We bill insurance plans for those who qualify.

Clinical Support

Healthcare providers have a key role in the successful support of incontinence. We work directly with a number of healthcare clinics throughout Oregon, helping providers understand the importance of discussing details about incontinence with patients, as well as assisting them an understanding of how products are used allowing them to prescribe the most appropriate product for each patient's need.

Preventative Skin Care Products and Education

A crucial step in incontinence care is managing skin integrity. Barrier creams, ointments, cleansing foams, wipes and education are tools available as part of our incontinence support solutions. We provide resources to our customers with information about the use of skin care products and sizing education for the best undergarment fit.

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